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About Francesco


Francesco Quarato, born in 1991, is an Italian street photographer.

Born in a small village of Apulia - a land with a multi-faceted soul - he now lives in the frenetic city of Milan, where, through his lens, he tells stories that embody a diversity of narratives and perspectives.


For him, photography stems from a craving to connect, to capture experiences and the contrasting angles of the surrounding environment, to tell the stories of the people who animate this world.

He focuses on the analysis of the human and social environment with all its changing through the interaction of people who inhabit it.

Behind every photo, there lies his soul — the same that enabled him to connect to the emotion before the shot, to comprehend the diversity of gazes and characters animating street life; that made him create a mosaic that mirrors our time, the improbable, tragic nature of human experience.


His photographs of the street gifted him with a sense of time, with the capacity to accept its inexorable passing and to remember, to store memories.


His photographs, his narratives, rely on the traditional tools of photography — fixed focal lengths, primarily 35mm  — the research of an imperfect slowness led him to prefer the use of film.


His studies and inspirations are based on the masters of the 20th century, above all, on Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore and Joel Meyerowitz.

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Achievementes, Exhibitions and Publications

Best Selected


Winner for the "The Best Selected Book Vol. VII" | See here

Spotify Single Cover


"Pareti" - Pace | ​Enjoy it here

Publication of a Fanzine


"The London Dispatch" | Read Article

Have a look at the "Broken Poems Darkroom"

Get copies for sale at "Armani Books" in Milan

Urban Photo Award


Semi-finalist Single Photo

Leica Fotografie International

 Leica Master Shot - LFI Gallery

First photo

Second photo

Third Photo

The Street Rover - Magazine


"The London Dispatch" Project | Read Article

Trieste Photo Days

Trieste 2022

First photo exhibited

Second photo exhibited

Docu Magazine


"Best of Documentary & Street Photography" Vol. 2

First photo published

Second photo published

"Walk-In Studio" Festival

Milan 2020

Project exposed "Aly"

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